A Snapshot on Brunei (1989) 首页 我的遊記 汶萊掠影 A Snapshot On Brunei (1989年) A Snapshot on Brunei (1989)



A Snapshot On Brunei




Photo taken at Brunei Airport

Jerudong Park Garden



          Brunei is our neighbouring country. It is a sovereign state located in the north coast of Borneo Island. Its official name is State of Brunei Darussalam. The population of Brunei is around 400,000. We stopped over one night only in Brunei on our way to Bali. We visited its State Mosque, Istana,  Royal Museum, Jerudong Park and the Water Village(Kampong Air).



Istana(The Palace)

Kampong Ayer(Water Village)



          Brunei is the richest country in Asia. This small but wealthy country is rich for oil and gas production. Statistic shows that crude oil and natural gas production account for nearly half of its GDP. Substantial income from overseas investment supplements income from domestic production. People here enjoy tax free living. The government provides for all medical services and subsidizes rice and housing.



Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

Royal Museum



          The national airline, Royal Brunei is trying to make Brunei a hub for international travel between Europe and Australia/New Zealand, and also has services to major Asian destinations. It is indeed a Paradise in South East Asia.











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