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10 Days in Perth







           Perth City          



City View. Perth, WA.

Photo taking at the Perth beach



     In July 2013, my wife and I went to Perth to visit my son and stayed with the family for 10 days. We have not visited the city for 3 years. In actual fact, this is our seventh visit to Perth.

     Three  years passed, the city view of Perth has not much changed. Apart from family gatherings, we went to several picnic and outings. It was winter time in Perth, the temperature fell down to 3C at night whereas in South East Asia it was the hot summer season especially in Hanoi. Its temperature was terribly high, about  39C and 40C .

     We later went  to  Hanoi  from Perth via Singapore. Being an old folks like our age, it was quite fortunate that we could acclimate to the sudden change of  the  climate from  an extremely cold to high temperature. 



Family group photo taking with relatives in Perth, 2013.

Jackson's new house ---Garage.



     On the next day after arrival  in Perth, we visited Orana  Primary School, our grandsons’ school, and attended its School Assembly. In Australian School, you can always see the active participation of parents to attend  either indoor or outdoor school  activities. Unlike Asian schools, the  Aussie School Assembly was completely run by the students themselves. The students were sitting on the floor whereas the parents and teachers remained seated to witness the occasion.  

     The difference between Aussie School Assembly to our Asians , as I can see, is entirely in the opposite way. The Asians are Teacher-Centred, any activity or  function held is solely conducted by the teachers .The teacher gives  instructions to the students to oblige whereas the Aussie’s are Child-Centred, the entire activity or function is run by the students themselves. Child-Centred learning is focused on individual child’s interest, abilities, and learning styles, placing the teacher as a helper or a facilitator of learning.



Jackson's new house ---Lobby.

Jackson's new house--Kitchen.



     During the Assembly, Achievement Certificates and prizes were given out to some  students as a token of e

ncouragement and  appreciation for their outstanding  performance. I think such a practice should be adopted by our Asian schools  so as to give the children more encouragement and praises instead of admonitory talk or a lot of  rigid instructions. Aussie children are really enjoying their childhood. They are growing up under  good care ,lovely atmosphere and,above all, an ideal peaceful environment.

     Most of the people agree that there is  no childhhod for Asian children. To the  Asian children, Growth and development  means to increase  the weight of  school bags and to carry heavy burden on school textbooks and workbooks.



 Show and Share


Orana Catholic Primary School, Perth WA.

Orama School Assembly



     Show and Share or Show and Tell are playing an important role in Aussie classroom activities. Hence, the teaching process is entirely Child-Centred instead of Teacher-Centred .

     Outdoor activities are manifold in Aussie school. Swimming, foot-ball, Australian Ruby..etc. Swimming is part of Aussie culture, every child must learn from the very young. One of  my  grandsons  starts  swimming at the age of three. Believe or not, with an experienced tutor, he can swim after 2 months. At first, I would not believe it. After my daughter showed me the video clip , I believe it. That is the reason why we often see some Europeans taking their babies or toddlers to play in the beach.

    On the third day, we went to the downtown  of  Perth City. There was not much changed for the shopping Malls there. After lunch, we came back by train.





Gremantel Prison, Perth, WA.

The cell inside the Fremantle Prison



     During our stay in Perth, the whole family went to Fremantle one day. In fact we had been to the place several times before.  As usual, we took 30- minute-train  ride  to go there. Fremantle is well-known for its Old Prison and the preservation of 19 century buildings. It is therefore dubbed as a “19 century harbour city”.  Its population now is around 25,000



Fremantle Market,Fremantle, WA.

The high Street, Fremantle, WA.



     Fremantle is located  at the mouth of Swan River. Historically, it was the first area settled by the Swan River Colonists in 1829. The city is named after Captain Charles Howe Fremantle(1800-1869) who pronounced possession of  Western Australia and established a camp at the site. During the  Second World War, Fremantle was the second largest Allied Submarine Base in the Pacific region. There were up to 125 US, 31 British and 11 Free Dutch submarines operating out of Fremantle until the Americans moved forward to the Philipines.



The Post Office, Fremantle,WA.

The Signal Station, Fremantle, WA.



     Since we had visited the Maritime Museum and the notorious Fremantle Prison during our last visit, we  just took a walk and looked after the two grandchildren playing . Later, we found a Shipwreck Museum  and a historical Round House nearby. We then visited these two places



The Round House, Fremantle, WA.

The punishment equipment of Round House, Fremantle, WA



      In fact, I merely spotted this museum by chance while taking a brisk walk around the Children Playground nearby area. Since it was free admission, we walked in and had a quick visit. It was indeed a very small museum. But, we were quite impressed with the quality of the exhibits and artefects, especially that of  the  “Batavia” ship(Wrecked in1629)



Maritime museum, Fremantle, WA.

The Shipwreck Museum, Fremantle, WA.



The Round House, completed in1831, is considered as the oldest public building in Western Australia. It can be seen atop Arthur Head which is on the top of  a  hill. There are 8 cells and a jailer’s residence which all opened up into a central courtyard. We saw some punishment equipments on the ground. There is a Whaler’s Tunnel underneath the Roud House. The Tunnel was constructed as part of whaling operations in order for whalers with easily access to the town from the jetty and beach. There is also a Signal Station at the backyard of the Round House.






Happy gatherings with family members and relatives in Mandurah,WA.


A brisk walk to the shophouse



     During our stay in Perth, we did go to Mandurah  once . The whole family went there for outing. Mandura

h is the second largest city in Western Australia and is located approximately 72 km south of the state capital Perth. It took about 45 minutes by both train and bus.

     Mandurah is regarded as a home for tourists. It is also an ideal place for locals to bring the whole family for picnic and outing.  Upon  arrival, I saw most of the visitors are locals in holiday mood, I didn’t see any international visitors.   



A Beauty and a Pelican

Dolphing Watching at Fremantle, WA.



     The city is also a home for a variety of wildlife including pelicans,dolphins ,whale, sea  gulls and an abundance of marinelife particularly the blue manna crab which has become synonymous with the area. There is  a  Crabfest Festival to be held in early March each year. 

     Mandurah is also renowned for whale and dolpin watching. We did not take part for the boat ride partly due to the fact that it was not the right season for whale watching and partly due to  its quite expensive  charges.

     As I can see,  is really the paradise for water activities. There are nice waterways, beaches and well preserved foreshore suitable for fishing , crabbing and boating activities.



Children Playground, Mandurah, WA.

Fishing at Mandurah, WA.



     Mandurah has grown from an isolated holiday spot to a gradually dynamic city in WA. Its population today is around 73,605. In recent years, it has become a popular lifestyle alternative for Perth  retirees. A housing affordability survey of 227 cities in 2008, Mandurah  ranked it the least affordable city in Australia. For Aussie retirees, it might be so.To me, those condos built near the sea shore suitable for retirees are too expensive. I can’t even dream about it. My pension cannot support for such a luxury lifestyle.

          I like Australian wild animals. I have seen Kingaroo,  Koala, Dingo, Wombat, Tasmanian Devil and Emu. This time,in Mandurah, I saw the peligan. I like the way it walks along the foreshore.
For locals, Mandurah is an ideal place for outing. For pensioners, it is a nice  place for retirement.






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