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Memories On Hangzhou Trip






West Lake

Sun set at West lake

Orioles Singing in the Willows


     Jiangnan(江南) literally means “Southern Part of Yangtze River Delta “(長江三角洲) in China. It is the most prosperous and colouful region in China.

     Yangtze River Delta is a treasure chest of China’s historical heritage and rich with ancient culture relics; human inhabitants were discovered here 10,000 years ago. Many of its major cities are over thousands of years old. We visited all these cities such as Wuxi(無錫) around 3,000 years; Suzhou(蘇州) 2,500 years; Nanjing(南京) 2,400 years; and the most famous tourist spots West Lake(西湖) and Hangzhou(杭州) 2,400 years. Water, lakes, canals and gardens are common components for making the beautiful and charming landscapes in the region. The most notable ones are West Lake (西湖)and Zhouzhang(周莊). The latter one is a tranquil water village of 900 years in Suzhou.

     In Suzhou, there are many beautiful gardens which have become tourist attractions. Bordering Jiangsu (江蘇) and Zhejiang (浙江) is China’s largest city Shanghai(上海) .
     In Shanghai,we spent most of the time for shopping and enjoying various food cuisine.

     Shanghai is an icon of modern China and the symbol of China’s bustling economy. 




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