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Shangdong Trip






Photo taken at Daming Lake of Jinan, Shangdong.

The beautiful scenery of Daming lake



         Shandong(山東)is also known in Chinese History as "Qilu"(齊魯) because formerly it was the State of "Lu"(魯) and the State of "Qi"(齊) that existed during the Spring and Autumn Period(春秋戰國時期).



Confucious Temple

Memorial Ceremony for Confucius



          With its long history, it was also the cradle of Chinese civilization. We visited Shandong lately. Our trip covered most major cities such as Qingdao(青島)、Zibo(溜博)Jinan(濟南)、Taian(泰安)、Taishan(泰山)、Qufu(曲阜)、Heze(荷澤)….etc. Qufu was the hometown of Confucius(551-479 BC).

          We started our journey from Singapore to Qindau(青島) via Shanghai. Upon arrival in Qindau(青島), we visited the following scenic spots: Zhanqiao Bridge(棧橋 Symbolized Qingdao)、Xiaoyushan,or Little-fish Hill(小魚山)、Small Qingdao(小青島)、Zhongshan Park(中山公園)、Mt.Laoshan(嶗山)、Qingdao Beer Brewery(青島啤酒厰)、May 4 Square(五四廣場)、2008 Olympic Sailing Regattas(青島奥帆中心). Due to very cold weather, we could not see the Plum and Cherry blossoms.



Jinan has been known as the “City of Springs”.There are a total
 of 108 natural springs in the urban area of the city.

Stone monuments at Mount Taishan



          Apart from visiting museums in this Old Qi Capital (齊國首都) , we also visited Zhoucun Street(周村大街), now well-preserved streets, still retains the architectural style of Ming Dynasty(明朝) and Qing Dynasty(清朝) era and the site of some famous firms.












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